A Storm Is Brewing

A Storm Is Brewing

Reading a good book is one of life's many pleasures. I always have a book handy, whether I grabbed it from the library or found it via my e-reader. Quite often I have a book in my hands because my thoughtful husband chose one just for me when he was browsing the library shelves for his own leisure reading material.

What do books have to do with painting, beside the fact that writing is definitely an art form? Emerald C Gallery owner Penny Rothschild and author Tamara Merrill put together an event at the Emerald C  called Artists and Authors. The idea was that an artist would read one of the participating author's chosen books and create a piece of art depicting the story via a painting, sculpture, or other creation. The author would not see the art piece until the event, which happened this past Friday night (May 13) at Emerald C.  10 authors and 10 artists were on hand to speak briefly about their books and art pieces.  I was the lucky artist to paint a picture for Tamara Merrill's book Family Lies!

I met Tamara Merrill at an Emerald C Gallery event a year ago. Tamara is the author of Family Lies, the first book in a trilogy about a family dynasty filled with dysfunctional relationships, great wealth, and the lies that bind these things together or tear them apart. This is a fascinating read filled with high society gossip, real historical events, and interesting characters. I highly recommend it!

For Artists and Authors, I painted a scene of a stormy day on a wind-swept beach with a darkened home on the bluff.  If you look closely, you can see someone standing on the covered deck.  There are the footprints of someone else leading away from the path to the house.  Because I usually paint images of bright days by the sea, this was a different and fun project -- I enjoyed it very much!

Simon and Schuster recently grabbed Tamara's three books for publication.   I am waiting for the release of volume 3 of the trilogy!  You will find volume 1, Family Lies, and volume 2, Family Matters, on Amazon. Tamara is currently writing a new book with a completely different story line.  I am hoping for another trilogy!

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