Art for the Holidays with Discounts

The holidays are here, time for gathering with friends, family and, as always, food! The clocks have changed in most places around the planet. The new year is almost upon us. We have collectively endured a lot over the last three years. I am wishing everyone well for 2023.

Bayview Park. This is a peaceful place to sit on a bench and take in the view of San Diego across the bay from Coronado. The two trees in this painting are both gone due to their age and health. The park is still lovely with many other trees. If you are in Coronado and would like to visit the park, it is located on First Street and I Avenue.

Ponds by Makaiwa Bay. (Mah-kah-eve-ah) An outrigger rests on the rocky shore of this large pond surrounded by coconut trees. There is no one around but you as you listen to the sound of the breeze swaying the palm trees. If you head towards the bay, bring your mask, snorkel and fins and swim over coral reefs and colorful fish. During Humpback Whale season, you can hear their song if you take a deep breath and dive under the surface.

Poppies by the Sea. Poppies are the state flower for California. Their golden petals grace the land from the mountains to the sea. With a cliff side view of waves rolling towards the shore, the contrast of golden orange flowers and the sea green  complement each other nicely.

Poppies and Butterflies. Monarch butterflies dance and rest on poppies in this painting. The blooming flowers stand out against the deep blue sky. Don't get caught picking poppies, though. It is against the law in California. Who knew...

Estrella. This young horse posed for me. She loves to run and is very spirited! She lives in horse country, Montana, under the big sky.

There are different sizes on several mediums to choose from, starting from photo paper to metal and acrylic. Click on any painting to see the sizes and different mediums to print on. You can see how they look on a wall in several rooms.

With the discount code HOLIDAYS2022, all artwork on my website is 40% off for the holidays. If you plan to give a gift for the holidays, here are the predicted shipping dates:

Domestic Orders:

  • December 6 - FedEx SmartPost
  • December 7 - UPS SurePost (Economy)
  • December 9 - USPS First Class Mail
  • December 9 - FedEx/UPS Ground
  • December 12 - USPS Priority Mail
  • December 14 - 2-Day Shipping (FedEx and UPS)
  • December 15 - Next Day Air (FedEx and UPS)

International Orders:

  • November 28 - UPS International (Rest of World)
  • December 6 - USPS Parcel Select
  • December 7 - UPS Standard to Canada

Thank you for reading my blog.