I love color! Art doesn’t have to be about color, but like many artists, it plays a big roll in my artwork. I am drawn to the colors of the sea. There are many different shades that describe the ocean’s varied moods.  Blues and greens remind me of tropical oceans. I can’t get enough of them. Turquoise calls to me like a distant spot of sand between reefs in the sunlight. And yet, there are times when it seems that there are not enough colors to choose from when I have a new canvas before me. I mix and blend my paints and have a variety of colors in an array of tubes, yet it feels like there should be even more colors available. Does anyone else feel this way?


Research tells us that, (depending on the source), the human eye can see anywhere from 100,000  to  2.3 million colors. It’s all about the wavelengths of light reflected off of a surface and how the rods and cones in our eyes – of which we have about 6-7 million – interpret this light. Our rods and cones are concentrated in a spot on the retina called the fovea centralis. They see mostly reds, then greens and lastly, blues, all of which can be translated by our brains into other colors, such as oranges, purples and yellows.

Here is a fun website about color: (it even mentions red contact lenses for chickens - I kid you not!).

May you enjoy soaking in all the colors that call to you.

~ Teresa