Cosmic Waves

Ocean waves are like snowflakes in that they are all unique, each one influenced by swell size and direction, the position in a set, winds, storms, currents, tides, reefs and shifting sandy shorelines. Waves can be powerful enough to wash away houses near the shore. And as we have seen in recent years in Japan and Indonesia, a very big wave, a tsunami, can do so much more damage than that. Waves shape coastlines.  Waves displace sand and rocks from the shore, then, when the season changes, deposit both back to where they came from.

Ocean waves have a mesmerizing beauty. This wave-beauty is in constant motion, changing every split second as water reflects sunlight, a moving picture in full color. Blue? You got it. Green? Yep! Turquoise? Of course! Rainbows? Yes, even rainbows from the spray of a breaking wave. Who can resist taking a photo or creating a painting?

Wave watching can relieve the stress of the watcher after a long workday. Wave watching can cause an adrenalin rush in a surfer before a paddle out. Wave riding is enjoyed by millions and can become an addiction, a deep need to fulfill as often as possible. Lots of missed school and work days can be blamed on waves.

Waves of energy coursing through water particles cause these frothing ocean tubes to break on our shores. The water isn't what's moving through the ocean to create waves -- it's energy caused by surface winds, currents and storm conditions that travel underwater before nose-diving into the shore. Harnessing wave energy has become a reality in Australia.

I imagine the energy rolling through the cosmos in the form of beautiful waves that brake over planets and stars. Surf for giants to ride. I wonder if cosmic giants become addicted to the ride, too?

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Cosmic Wave