Creativity is the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, to make something new or imaginative, to use your imagination to produce artwork.

Whether we love to prepare meals, arrange flowers, paint, sing, sew, bake, play an instrument, draw, dance, or enjoy lots of endeavors, creativity is good for us. If you don't believe me, just type in "How creativity is good for us" and read an article or two. One suggests that creativity improves our health, increases happiness, reduces the risk of dementia, boosts our immune system, relieves stress  - and can even make us smarter. I, for one, would add in FUN!

I know people who have had their art criticized in class. When the assigned project was finished, their teacher would analyze their work and say "You aren't supposed to paint a horse purple!" or "Snow isn't that color!" This can often lead to  squashing the idea of creating any art again. Being  creative is really the point, not 'perfection'. Was it fun to do? Of course, art isn't everyone's thing, hence the above list.

Here is an easy and simple creative idea:

1. Gather some 'found' objects, (such as feathers, leaves, sticks, rocks, shells, paper, scarves, and other objects) or find things around the house.
2. Use a base for your collage, which can be a piece of cardboard or paper
. Add paint, crayons or markers if you want. A table top works, too.
3. Arrange your gathered items on your background and take a photo. Then slide them off and design another one! Nothing needs to be permanent unless you love it and want to glue it together. 

For example, I grabbed three images from the internet and one of mine. You can use scissors, paper, paint, puzzle pieces, and bits of items on hand. I used  a wood frame, palm leaves, shells, feathers, plants, stones and more. I took my photo, then disassembled it. It was fun! The possibilities are endless. I hope you give it a try. Oh, and kids love to make these, too.

Thanks for reading my blog.