If you can't be by the sea this weekend ...

Molokai January 2010

For those of us who love the sea and are fortunate enough to live near the shoreline, we can easily get our 'fix' when we need it.

For those who love the ocean but live far away, there is a certain amount of planning involved in order to get your feet sandy and wet. This planning may include coordinating vacation days with others and double-checking the budget. Sometimes tickets need to be purchased several months in advance, depending on the distance and popularity of your chosen destination. Hotels or AirBnB rooms need researching and securing. Water toys need gathering. Packing sunscreen and swimsuits are on the list. If you are traveling with kids, triple all of the above.

With all of the stress that planning a seaside vacation can bring, is it really worth it? I would have to say YES! I found a myriad of articles that tout the benefits of being by the sea. Here are a few claims that  the authors agree on:

  • Breathing the sea air is vitalizing: it's full of negative ions, which help us absorb more oxygen.
  • Hearing the sound of the waves relaxes the mind and body.
  • Watching the waves roll onto the shore is also very relaxing.
  • Minerals in seawater can help to detoxify the body. (Ever taken a bath with epsom or sea salts for your health?)
  • Swimming and playing in the sea helps you (and the kids) get a good night's rest.
  • Walking on the beach quiets the mind.
  • Being in sunshine lightens one's mood, but don't overdo it -- sunburn is no fun.

Read more about the healing power of the ocean here.

If you longed to be by the sea this Memorial Day weekend but couldn't manage it, here is a 24 minute video I created that might induce some relaxation. You can let the video run in the background and still hear the waves role in. If you do watch it, look for the dolphins at the 15 minute mark.  And enjoy the sun setting over the sea.

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