Painting, Music, and Mockingbirds

Evening Gathering

Painting is, for me, a solitary endeavor. The canvas sits on the easel in the usual spot and everything I need is within easy reach. However, I do have a companion of sorts: musicians and singers via internet radio. I have created about 20 stations from 80's music to sitar melodies, Hawaiian, Brazilian jazz, Adele and more.

Sometimes I paint without listening to music, especially in the spring when the birds are singing.  Who needs radio with birds in the neighborhood?  When the sun comes up, birds are noisy with song. Coronado has a variety of birds from the common sparrow to wild green parrots that squawk as they fly in groups through the town. Crows are noisy and loud and can't really carry a tune, but I love them anyway. When I paint birds, they are usually sea birds, and though they are certainly noisy, they aren't big on singing either. I love them, too.

The mockingbird takes the cake when it comes to singing! This bird can sing for hours, including solo concerts in the middle of the night! I found this YouTube video (7 min 45 sec) so you can hear what I recently heard at 3:00 am!  Good thing they sing during the day, too. Here is another video (2 min 6 sec) of a singer on stage at the top of a tree.

A friend of mine who is a fantastic artist told me she 'watches' movies while she creates, catching a glimpse of the screen here and there. When I searched on the internet, I found that artists, no matter what type of work they produce, often listen to music or something else, such as talk radio or a movie/TV program while they work. What do you like to do while you are creating a work of art?

Being alone while I work is fine with me. I know it is the same for many artists. I don't mind my own company, with music or not. That said, as I write this, I am being serenaded by a mockingbird outside my window. Life is grand!

Thanks for reading my blog!