Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl
Surfer Girl

Water sure does provide us with opportunities for fun. Whether in pools, lakes, rivers or oceans, there are many ways to play in water. You can even find ways to enjoy it without getting wet, such as yachting or cruising. There are some sports that you can (mostly) only do in the ocean, such as surfing. Yes, there are some lakes and tidal rivers and huge tanker wakes that have given surfers some good rides, and even superb wave pools, such as those Kelly Slater has built. Wohoo!
Tanker Waves
The ocean is usually our only surf instructor and the most important lesson is in learning how to read the water. Where is the lineup? Is that wave going to break on my head? Will the current pull me into the impact zone? Can I catch this wave before it tosses me over the falls? Is that a huge set on the horizon? The reward for doing your homework is magical, fun and so wonderful, but you usually end up with some scars to show from your schooling! 
Surf School
Surfer Girl, a small painting of the cliffs near Solana Beach, catches a young woman ready to paddle out. Hope she has a blast...

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